6 Easy Ways to Soundproof Your Bedroom

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There are many reasons why you may want to soundproof your bedroom or another room in your home. Whether it is to block noise from the outside like traffic or the deck builders you hired, or because your neighbors play their music just a little too loud. Maybe you want to trap sounds that are disrupting your neighbors. For example, maybe your partner snores loudly or you use your bedroom to record music and you don’t want to risk another noise complaint.

Whatever the reason may be, soundproofing a room can bring some peace and quiet back into your life and we’re here to tell you that it’s not as difficult as it may seem! In this article, we’ll go over some different ways that you can soundproof your room without it costing an arm and a leg (or an ear).

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1. Fill in the Gaps

This might be an obvious one to most, but it seems this tip is the one that just slips through the cracks for many DIYers. You may notice that your door has a large gap under it where it meets the floor. This gap can vary in size, but rest assured; it’s an easy fix. We suggest installing a door sweep. These are very inexpensive and can block any unwanted sound waves from coming in or out. It also can help lessen any drafts in the room!

You can also use weather-stripping around the perimeter of the door and on your windows. By eliminating any space where air can sneak through, you are also eliminating the ability for sound to travel in or out.

2. Curtain Call

Curtains are an excellent way to block some natural light in your room, but what about sounds? With the right curtains, you can even form a barrier so that sounds cannot invade your personal space.

We suggest buying a set of good black out curtains. Black out curtains are great for people who like to sleep in a bit or those of you who work third shift and have to sleep during the day. They really do cause a “black-out” effect in the room. Blocking out disturbing sounds, as well as light, can help you sleep peacefully without interruptions.

3. Warm Your Walls

Another great thing about blankets other than being super cozy is that they are great insulators for sound. The thicker the fabric, the better insulation you’ll have. We suggest going a step further and put up some tapestries. Now you’re soundproofing and also decorating!

You can also add rugs to your bedroom floor to absorb more sounds for those of you that live in an apartment. Even if your floor is already carpeted, that just means double the soundproofing!

closeup of professional soundproofing foam panel

4. Professional Acoustic Paneling

One way to soundproof your room is to use acoustic foam panels on walls where the most noise seems to come in and out of. The only reason why we don’t recommend this right away is that it can be pretty expensive and not everyone wants their bedroom to look like a recording studio. Foam is really great to absorb sound and acoustic panels are made specifically for this purpose so quality ones can really empty your wallet. If you are really serious about your sound concerns, this may be the right step for you.

5. More Furniture Is Better

The great thing about bedroom furniture is that they are fairly large in size and pretty dense. So by having these dense pieces, there will be more surfaces for sound waves to vibrate and dissipate. The key is to move furniture like your bed to an area in the room that has the least amount of noise pollution and putting things like bookcases or dressers up where the noise is. That way, your bulky furniture takes the hit of the noise instead of you when you’re trying to drift off to sleep.

6. Decorations Galore!

Remember how we said the more surface area, the more there is for soundwaves to bounce off and thus lessening the amount of sound in your room? Well, you can do this by just hanging up artwork on your walls (like a tapestry from earlier) or filling your shelves with books and knickknacks. These decorations act as a barrier between the wall itself and the sound waves whether they are coming from inside the room or outside of it. It’s also an excuse to make your bedroom more stylish instead of just a boring room where you sleep every night.

young woman sleeping well in soundproof bedroom

Soundproofing Can Be Foolproof

Whatever the reason you may need to soundproof your bedroom, there are so many ways to do so without breaking the bank. Most of these things can easily be found in your home already or just needs seem rearranging. By making your bedroom a place where there is little disturbances, you can sleep peacefully, work without having to be distracted by the noisy traffic, and sing as loud as your little heart desires while you vacuum.


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