Seasoned Deck Contractors

pergola balcony deck

Without a doubt, the list of IRC Preferred Contractors includes some of the best deck builders in Peoria IL and surrounding areas. Your deck design consultant will walk you through every step of the process.

For example, your deck addition project might look like this:

  1. Deck design and planning
  2. Existing structure removal
  3. Foundation construction and groundwork
  4. Deck construction
  5. Railing installation
  6. Ramp and staircase construction
  7. Overhang construction, such as pergolas and awnings

Quality Deck Construction Materials

There are a few different types of decking. Our deck builders have years of experience working with these popular deck materials:

composite deck builders peoria il

Composite Decking

With the longest lifespan and the least maintenance, this material comes with a hefty price tag. Some homeowners find the trade off to be a worthy investment for a deck that will easily last 25 years or more.

pressure treated wood deck builders peoria il

Pressure Treated Wood

This is your money saver. Starting at tan or brown, this material can usually be stained to your preferred color. At a medium maintenance level, you want to refinish or stain this wood every other year or so.

cedar deck builders peoria il

Cedar Decking

With unmatched beauty, natural cedar is slightly more expensive than your average pressure treated wood decking. This gorgeous material can last up to 20 years if you can commit to refinish it on an annual basis.

Deck Addition FAQs

Will building a deck add to the value of my home?

According to How Stuff Works, you could recoup up to 85.4% of your investment by adding a wooden deck to your home. That said, you can enjoy those summer nights knowing your resale value will indeed help pay for your investment.

What type of contractor builds decks?

It takes a specialized carpenter to build a good, sturdy deck. The exterior remodeling experts at IRC are qualified to measure, design and build your deck.

How do I choose a good deck builder?

Keep these tips in mind, while trying to find a deck builder to complete your project:

  1. Research and plan your project.
  2. Get an idea of how much your deck will cost.
  3. View decking options and color samples.
  4. Ask your deck designer for a 3D rendering of what your deck will look like.
  5. Make sure your deck builder is familiar with local permit policy.
  6. Ask local deck builders for 3-5 references and pictures of their work.