Experienced Countertop Installers

Our countertop installers have years of countertop installation experience under their belts. You can breathe easy knowing your new countertops will be handled and installed safely. While we’re there, we can also replace your sink, faucet, and fixtures in any finish you choose.

Professional Countertop Installation

contractor leveling and measuring for countertop replacement in peoria il

Sure, doing it yourself is always an option, but there is always a certain comfort that comes with hiring a professional. With over 20 years of industry experience, you can count on IRC to rise above the rest when it comes to:

Knowledge. Your design consultant will explain the pros and cons of each type of surface and recommend the best option for your current lifestyle and future resale.

Precision. We take exact measurements at your initial consultation, before we order your countertops, and the day of installation. In this way, we make absolutely sure your new countertops are perfectly level and fit to your space.

Safety. All of our countertop installers follow safe handling protocols and installation procedures to ensure your new countertops remain free of scratches, scuffs, chips, cracks, and other damages.

Convenience. We do not remove your current countertops to measure or order the new ones, as some countertop companies do. This means you will have full access to your kitchen or bathroom until the day of installation.

Countertop Material Options

Our design consultants will help you choose the best countertop pattern, color and style to compliment your home design, fit your needs, and stay within your budget.

granite countertop installation peoria il

Granite Countertop Installation

Natural stone countertops are by far the most elegant and unique option. Because granite countertops are completely organic, each slab is different from any other. They can cost a pretty penny, but it’s worth it if they are well maintained. Because granite is a porous material, these countertops need to be sealed on a yearly basis. The pros of granite countertop installation are:

  • Stain and scratch resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Unique, natural appearance
  • Edge style options
quartz countertop installation peoria il

Quartz Countertop Installation

Engineered quartz composite is made of 93% natural quartz, combined with resin and pigments. Quartz countertops mimic expensive stone, but with a much lower price tag. There are many features that make these countertops desirable to the modern-day homeowner, including:

  • Maintenance-free
  • Scratch and stain resistant
  • Somewhat heat resistant
  • Large selection of patterns and colors
laminate countertop installer peoria il

Laminate Countertop Installation

Though they are still the most affordable option, the quality of laminate countertops has greatly increased over the years. Laminate countertop installation is ideal for homeowners with these benefits at the forefront:

  • Very inexpensive
  • Low maintenance
  • No-drip edge
  • Large selection of patterns and colors
Corian solid surface countertop installation peoria il

Solid Surface Countertop Installation

Synthetic solid surface countertops are designed to look like granite and quartz. Though this material is not scratch resistant, it is relatively simple to buff out small scratches. Solid surface countertop installation is great for families that enjoy home cooked meals with quick and easy cleanup, because it is:

  • Non-absorbent
  • Low maintenance
  • Stain resistant
  • Heat and impact resistant

If you want to replace your kitchen countertops as part of a full remodel, we recommend Corian Solid Surface Countertops. There are many gorgeous styles and colors to choose from, so you can have an elegant kitchen design without using up too much of your budget on countertops. Best of all, Corian countertops have a 10 year warranty!

Add Value to Your Home

Replacing your countertops doesn’t have to be part of a complex bath or kitchen remodeling project. As a staple of high traffic areas in a house, a countertop replacement can be very valuable on its own as well. As an added bonus, we can even install a built in cooktop countertop to modernize your kitchen.

Whether you want to start a big project or just update your countertops, IRC can help you design your home with quality products that will last a lifetime! Contact us online or call (309) 304-3040 to schedule your free consultation!