Easy Access Safety Tubs

full size walk in safety tub in bathroom

Oftentimes, those with limited mobility struggle more in the bathroom than any other area of the house. If you are concerned for the safety of yourself or a loved one, a walk-in tub is a great solution. The experts at Illinois Remodeling Consultants can even coordinate with your insurance company to help cover the cost of your handicap accessible tub. These are just a few reasons why our customers choose our safety tubs and accessible showers:

  • Low entrance step for easy access
  • Grab bar and seat to reduce the risk of slips and falls
  • Minimal cleaning and maintenance required
  • Large selection of colors and features for style and functionality
  • Healthy addon options, such as hydrotherapy

Most importantly, a walk-in safety tub installation will allow you or your family member to maintain a sense of independence by reducing the need for nursing care or other assistance.

Convert Your Existing Bathtub

In addition to bathtub replacements, our expert safety tub installers can make accessibility modifications to your current tub, so it is safer to enter and easier to use. These updates will take less time to complete and save you quite a bit of money. We offer convenient walk-in and roll-in tub conversion options, along with safety accessories, to meet your needs. If you’re handy, these bathtub conversion kits are relatively easy to install on your own. If not, the pros at IRC can install it for you, along with other handicap accessories you may have.

Schedule your free consultation today to find out if a walk-in bathtub is the right fit for you! We also encourage you to learn more about the other handicap accessible bathroom solutions we offer.