Modern Bathroom Design Trends for 2021

beige marble bathtub with white curtain

Modern bathrooms serve as a place to relax and find peace after a long day. Bathroom design and renovations require a lot of time and money, so it is important to devise a plan before you begin. Before you decide your budget and search for a bath company to do the work, you may want to find some inspiration so you have a better idea of what you want.

We thought this would be a great piggyback to our article about kitchen design trends and colors for 2021. We hope to shed some light on your upcoming home improvement projects, as we move into the new year. Best of luck!

Materials for a Modern Bathroom


It’s back again! Organic and classy black, grey and white designs, as well as natural stone, is making a comeback this year. This material is suitable for walls, countertops and flooring. If true marble is out of your budget, you may take an interest in acrylic marble patterns. They have the same look as natural marble, but they come with a much smaller price tag.

bathroom with marble floor and shower


While fine woodworking has made its way into other areas of the house in years past, we are starting to see more and more use of wood in bathroom design. Quality materials and simplified shapes, make wood a trend we expect to see increase over the next few years.

wood bathroom design

Tiny Tiles

From classic subway tiles, to small strips and mosaics, mini tiles have made their way into the hearts and bathrooms of American homeowners. Imperfect, handmade tiles have also made their way onto the trending list this year, mainly due to high contrast. For tips on maintaining your tilework, see our article on tile grout maintenance.

Bathroom Fixtures & Decor

Brass & Gold

As a whole, metals have made their mark on modern design trends in years past. This year, it’s gold and brass that have caught the eye of homeowners looking to add a bit of glamour to their interior spaces. Their reflective properties add a touch of fame, especially with a satin or matte finish.

luxury white and gold bathroom design


Though large mirrors are the most common, we are seeing a lot of rectangular, smart mirrors as well. This popular bathroom decor provides several settings for mood lighting, as well as the traditional experience, and makes a great addition to a couples vanity.


Foliage was a trend in 2020 and will continue to be through 2021. Live, indoor plants and botanical wallpaper are a bold and bright option which do a great job helping a small bathroom look bigger.

Basin Tubs and Sinks

Surprisingly enough, free-standing basin bathtubs are coming back in style. That is, if you have the room for one. While they tend to run smaller than standard tubs, many of them come equipped with bench seats and make way for a much desired spa experience. Round, ceramic bathroom sinks are also in style this year, with a preference for classic white and marble patterns.

master bathroom designed with small tiles and basin sinks

Exquisite Bathroom Design


From braided patterns to zig zag designs, a variety of patterns have become a staple of modern bathrooms. They add a creative touch, which is much appreciated in such a personal space.

Natural Light

Natural bathroom lighting has been the top option for a long time. However, there are artificial options that do a good enough job if your space does not allow for it.

Geometric Shapes

Particularly important to walls and flooring, geometric designs place a heavy emphasis on structural elements and architectural design. This design style is also responsible for the all too popular 3D effect so many desire these days.

Ribbed Surfaces

This contemporary touch is appealing to both sight and touch. We recommend this style for your bathroom vanity, but it can be applied to decor as well.

Spa-Like Features


Comfortable bathtubs have always been a coveted feature. Most modern bathrooms include whirlpool tubs, at a minimum. These days, many specialty bath companies offer showers with built in massagers as well. These usually consist of two shower head fixtures and are not as expensive as they might sound.

hydromassage shower head

Heated Flooring

In play for quite a while now, this element has become an essential element of luxury bathrooms worldwide. Nothing compares to getting out of the shower and setting your feet on a warm floor.

Colors to Explore for Your Bathroom

White or Beige

These are traditional colors that will always be in style.

beige and black bathroom design

Black and White

Heavy contrast is playing a large part in modern design. Dark colors, especially black, come in a lot of tones and hues that are perfect complements to your new bathroom. Specifically, matte black is one of our top picks as we head into the new year.


The grand allure of predominantly gray bathroom designs will always have a place in our hearts. It provides a sense of calm, with an upscale touch.

Greens and Blues

For a touch of color, we recommend shades of blue or green. Cooler shades are best to create a sense of calm in any area of the house. For a passionate or luxurious feel, emerald green is on the rise as well.


Another top pick to achieve the calming effect so many homeowners want, are light pastel colors. Think Easter. For a sophisticated edge, you can combine these colors with wood elements.

How can I modernize my bathroom cheaply?

These designs aren’t for everyone. Unfortunately, luxury comes at a cost. However, it’s not impossible to get where you want to be for less, depending on who you work with. For bathroom design options that are a bit easier on your wallet, consult our article on budget friendly bathroom remodels.

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