5 Simple, Yet Effective Energy Efficient Home Improvement Tips

bright led light bulb for energy efficient home improvement

Replace Your Bulbs With LED or CFL Lighting

Lighting costs are responsible for about a third of the average home’s energy bill. While natural lighting is always preferable, swapping out your lightbulbs will certainly do the trick. There are fixtures which can decrease the cost of lighting as well.

Install Energy Efficient Windows

Keeping out drafts can dramatically improve your heating and cooling costs. Older homes with single pane windows will definitely benefit from double pane window replacement. Though wooden framed windows are slightly more expensive, they do the best job of regulating the air in your home. However, aluminum and vinyl models get the job done as well.

Alternatively, you can also seal your existing windows and doors with weatherstripping instead of installing new windows. Newer homes can benefit just as much from sealing or caulking around the frames.

energy efficient window with wood frame painted green

Install a Programmable Thermostat

For more efficient use of your heating and cooling systems, we highly recommend replacing your manual thermostat with a programmable thermostat. This is a simple, cheap, and highly effective change that will make a world of difference on your electric bill. If you choose a smart device, you can even track and compare your energy usage month to month and set your home to an eco-friendly temperature while you are away.

These are our top 3 picks for programmable thermostats:

Remember, working with electricity can be very dangerous if you don’t have experience doing so. If you need help installing one of these high end thermostats, it is only a click away. Energy efficient thermostat installation is available in addition to IRC services or stand alone from a list of licensed installers provided by each manufacturer.

attic insulation for energy efficient home improvement

Insulate Your Attic or Crawl Space

While newer homes tend to have sufficient insulation, homes built in the 90’s or earlier may benefit from having a bit more. Hot air rises, so properly insulating your attic is especially important to lowering your heating bills. Adding a second layer of insulation to the upstairs area of an under-insulated home could very well mean you’ll see your investment returned via your energy bill in as little as 4 years.

symbol representing energy star certified home appliances

Buy Energy Star Certified Appliances

The average HVAC system needs to be replaced after 10 to 20 years. This includes your furnace or boiler, as well as your air conditioner or central air system. As a leader in energy efficient appliance reviews and recommendations, EnergyStar.gov provides a comprehensive, unbiased list of appliances which meet their extensive criteria. Just look for the Energy Star logo!

Hire an Energy Efficient Home Improvement Expert

Illinois Remodeling Consultants is happy to provide a free energy audit for your home. We stay in the loop in regard to Illinois programs and rebates, which can save you a lot of money in the short term. Contact IRC today for your free consultation or energy audit!

For more energy saving tips, we suggest our Central Illinois readers explore residential home efficiency incentives from Ameren.


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