5 Most Convenient DIY Storage & Organization Projects

diy storage for organizing kids playroom

With spring cleaning time at its pique and since leaving everything on top of your desk or dresser isn’t cutting it anymore, we’re sure you’re asking yourself which items do and do not “spark joy” and where to put them. It’s one thing to sort everything, but putting it is a whole different story. Luckily, we have some convenient DIY storage projects and organization ideas that’ll be sure to give your spring cleaning a happy ending.

diy storage drawers for organizing mail

DIY Mail Drawers

Mail can quickly become a huge mess if you don’t have a designated spot for it. It can also be hard to organize if you have a spouse, kids, or roommates that also receive mail. With this great project, you will finally have a home for everyone’s mail instead of continuing to let it take up space on your countertops or coffee tables.

Card cabinets are perfect for organizing mail. They look like miniature filing cabinets and can sit on top of an entryway table. Some kinds have multiple drawers, so everyone in your house can have their own designated drawer. Each drawer has label holders built onto the front, so everyone can customize their name plate for their mail drawer.

towel basket to organize folded towels

Towel Baskets

If your home wasn’t blessed by the Storage Fairy, you probably have too many bathroom towels and not enough space to fit them. This easy project will give you space to store your fluffy towels. Even better, it will make your bathroom look like a fancy spa or hotel, too!

We suggest using some sturdy woven baskets, like these seagrass utility baskets from Pottery Barn. You can either place them on your vanity or toilet tank or anchor them into the wall above your toilet with the opening of the baskets facing outward. Then, just put your rolled or folded towels inside. Easy as pie.

For more ways to help your kids decorate and stay organized in their bathroom, see our article on Kids Bathroom Ideas.

vertical tension rod diy storage

Tension Rod Storage

Whether it’s in your bathroom or kitchen, the space beneath your sink can quickly become cluttered. Using tension rods for storage can help declutter these areas. Tension rods are super cheap and easy to install. This is a great project to help store cleaning chemicals, spray bottles, and more.

Horizontal Tension Shelves

Just lock the tension rod in place against the inner walls of your cabinets. Then, hang the handles over the tension rod so you have more space on the bottom of your sink for cans, shampoo bottles, toilet paper, and whatever else.

Vertical Storage Ideas

Tension rods can also be placed vertically in cabinets to store baking trays, cutting boards, and plates. Vertical storage will create much more space to store pots and mixing bowls and make it easier to access them when you’re in the midst of whipping up a new recipe.

diy coffee table made with reclaimed wood and distressed white paint

DIY Coffee Table Storage

If your home could benefit from a rustic, multi-purpose coffee table that also doubles as extra storage for blankets, books, or board games, then we have the perfect project for you! Start with 2-3 wooden crates, a plywood slab, and 4 casters. Make sure the plywood is the same length as the all wooden crates together.

Once you have the length and width of your plywood down, face the crate openings outward. You can easily anchor everything together with some heavy duty wood glue. After all of the wood pieces have been put together, screw in the casters on the bottom of the plywood slab so you can easily move the table around.

After that, put the finishing touches on your new table with a distressed look. First, paint the table white or gray and let it dry. Then, destress the paint by rubbing sandpaper on it. Now you have a stylish, farmhouse chic table that you can use to store all kinds of things.

If you like this rustic style, don’t forget to read our post on DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Décor Ideas!

DIY Ball Storage Bin made with bungee cords

DIY Ball Storage Bin

If you have children, you are probably well aware of how messy things can get and how important organization is when it comes time to put their toys away. We have a fairly quick project that will help keep balls in one place instead of all over your backyard. What you’ll need is some bungee cords, a 2x2x8 wooden plank, drill, and kreg jig.

First, measure your largest ball. This will determine how wide to make the opening for your bin. Cut the wood slightly larger than that size, so the balls have some wiggle room.

Next, make two squares and attach them with 2” pocket hole screws. You can connect the squares with one post if you plan on having the corner of your garage or another room support the bin or you can add four posts so it can stand alone. Then, drill holes into the squares to make slots for the bungee cords. We suggest spacing out 3-4 holes on each side of your squares. Make sure the cords are pretty tight so the balls don’t spill out.

There you have it! Now, your kids know exactly where to put their toy balls when they are done playing with them.

Easy DIY Organization & Storage Solutions

Getting organized can seem very overwhelming at times. Don’t let it get you down. Storage doesn’t have to be hard, nor are your options confined to plastic totes. There are so many ways to create more storage space in your home that are also nice to look at. Now that you have some awesome DIY storage ideas, go out there and get storing!


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