7 DIY Home Improvement Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know

diy home improvement hacks

Does your home need some serious updating, but you can’t really afford to start a major renovation project right now? Luckily, we’ve compiled some DIY home improvement hacks which should help you make some pretty cool upgrades in your house without spending an arm and a leg. These nifty hacks can help you out whether you just need some fresh ideas for your kitchen or to do minor repairs around the house. There’s a project hack for everyone and everything!

professional caulk lines

Caulk Like a Pro

Do your caulk lines look messy and you just can’t seem to figure out how to get them to look clean and crisp? Well, the secret is just one thing: painter’s tape. Yep, that’s the key to success here. All you have to do is tape just above and just below where you want to run the caulk line. Then, caulk in between the tape lines. Don’t worry about it being too thick or messy, that’s why the tape is there!

When you’re done, use your finger to smooth out the caulk line. In about 5-10 minutes, you can peel off the tape and you will see the crisp lines you’ve been yearning for! The caulk itself won’t be dry yet, but the hard part is over! Pretty easy, right?

fill nail holes with crayon

Fill in Nail Holes

A very cost effective and easy way to fill in nail holes is to use crayons. Yes, you read that correctly, crayons, just like the ones you used to color with as a child. If you have kids, you probably have a surplus of crayons in your home.

First, find a crayon to match the color of the wall you’re filling a hole in. Make sure to apply a good amount of pressure when rubbing the crayon into the hole. If you get crayon on areas that aren’t the hole, just take a dry rag and wipe it off and it’s like nothing happened. If the hole is a bit bigger, just warm up the crayon with a lighter. You don’t want it to be dripping, but warm enough that it is malleable. You’ll want to make sure the crayon sets before wiping away access.

aluminum foil wrapped doorknob

Paint a Door or Two

If you’ve ever painted a door, you understand how frustrating it is to tape off the doorknob or handle. Our hack for this is to use aluminum foil! Foil is so much easier to use in these situations because it is very malleable and it doesn’t take very long to section it off like paint does. The other great thing about aluminum foil is that it covers the entire area so there’s not worry of accidentally getting some paint where it shouldn’t be!

repair wood scratch with walnut

Remove Wood Scratches with a Walnut

Do you have a table you want to upcycle or maybe have a small area on your hardwood floors that has some scratches? Well, put that wood varnish and get out your trusty walnuts! Wait, walnuts? Yes, our next DIY home improvement hack involves food. Walnuts have an amazing natural oil in them that is great for nourishing and buffing out scratches in wood. Who would’ve guessed it?

remove stripped screw with rubber band

Stripped Screws? No Problem!

Are you trying to remove a stripped screw, but can’t think of any other way that isn’t destroying whatever the screw is in? Here’s a great hack for you! Get yourself a rubber band and place one side on the screw head. You’ll want to apply a fair amount of pressure with a screwdriver to the screw and rubber band to make sure the rubber actually sits in the grooves. There you have it: a pesky, stripped screw has now been removed without sometime of demolition derby happening!

rubber cap hammer cushion

Cushion Your Hammer

As with most great ideas, DIY home improvement hacks are born out of necessity. We’ve all gone a little too hard when hammering and damaging our walls. No need to be embarrassed! Whether you’re just so eager for home improvement or you just nearly missed that nail, here’s a great hack to make sure you don’t put any more holes in your walls. Get yourself some Protect-O-Cap Hammer Head Covers! They are similar to the rubber caps you see on chair legs. These are super inexpensive at any hardware store if you don’t have any laying around. You’ll just place this guy on your hammerhead and you have yourself a fool-proof way to hang up pictures!

bobby pin nail holder

Bobby Pin Nail Holder

Bobby pins aren’t just for keeping hair out of your face, they can be used to not smash your fingers when hammering! They’re also easily replaceable since they come in value packers usually for under a few bucks. You’ll just want to open up the bobby pin a bit so it can hug the nail and you’ll hold onto the opening of the pin instead of the nail once you start hammering. This hack can also be used for screws!

Useful DIY Home Improvement Hacks

We know that you know that not everything has to be led by the pros. But there are so many ways to save yourself time, money, and resources when it comes to DIY projects or home renovations. Many of which are just everyday objects you already have in your home! These hacks are just a few that can save you from causing you to accidentally cause damage when removing a stubborn screw or from having to redo a caulk line for what seems like the thousandth time. Of course, if you have any large projects that you would like a consultation on or help with, don’t be afraid to contact IRC for help!


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