The Best Home Pros in the Industry

The IRC Preferred Contractor network consists of a small group of vetted, local remodeling companies. All of our contractors are licensed and insured, as required by the state of Illinois and local ordinances. In exchange for reasonable, pre-negotiated labor rates, we help talented, local contractors start or grow their own remodeling companies by providing a constant flow of well managed projects.

Support Your Local Community

The past year has been tough on local businesses and individuals. Now more than ever, it’s important for us to band together and help each other. When you choose IRC for your home remodeling project, you are supporting your local community in multiple ways:

Standards & Expectations

We regularly evaluate performance and award jobs based on values, experience, workmanship, timeliness, and cost, to ensure our customers receive the best overall value on every home improvement project. Every job is followed by an in-home performance review, where customers are given the opportunity to rate the services they received in these categories:

Customer Service

This category applies mainly to IRC staff. We ask customers to rate their experience with their initial consultation, clarity of estimates and designs, and project management. This helps us get an idea of how we can improve as a company, make the process as easy as possible for our customers, and create a better environment for IRC Preferred Contractors.


In this section, we gather feedback on the amount and accuracy of progress updates and expectations, thoroughness and clarity of the scope of work, and response time to customer inquiries. Our goal is to respond to every communication from our customers in 24 hour or less.

Time Management

We ask about the convenience of the project schedule and if the IRC Preferred Contractors and staff were on time to scheduled work hours and appointments. We also ask if the project timeline was reasonable and expected.


Next, we get the customer’s thoughts on the quality of materials and workmanship, as well as their satisfaction with the finished product.


Safety is extremely important in the home construction industry for both the contractor and the homeowner. We evaluate safety practices, such as steps taken to protect the home, site cleanup, and whether the installer wore a mask and gloves while in the home, if requested.

Apply to Become an IRC Preferred Contractor

We are always taking applications from local remodeling companies and independent contractors looking to grow their own businesses. Partnering with IRC definitely has its benefits, but we require nothing short of the highest quality work in return.

If you’re interested, we encourage you to read this quick overview, view job postings and apply online.