Not Your Average Home Remodeling Company

We are a consulting company and our consulting services are always free to the homeowner. We do not use high pressure sales tactics, because our job is to educate and assist the homeowner through the home remodeling process. Here’s how we do it:

Step One: FREE In-Home Consultation

Your IRC Home Remodeling Specialist will meet with you in your home to discuss your project. First, they will take basic measurements of your space, listen and note your ideas and desires, and get an idea of your budget. Then, they will provide design ideas and recommendations to increase the functionality and visual appeal of your home.

Step Two: Estimates & Designs

A couple days after your initial consultation, your IRC Home Remodeling Specialist will email you floor plans and designs, along with a detailed proposal for your project. Then, our office will call you to schedule a time to review your proposal and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Step Three: Contract Review

When you are ready to move forward with your project, your IRC Home Remodeling Specialist will email your contract with a detailed scope of work, final designs, and payment plan. You can sign online or request another visit to clarify the project details and discuss changes.

Step Four: Measurements & Planning

Your assigned IRC Preferred Contractor will take precise measurements, order materials, and create your project schedule. Then, your IRC Home Remodeling Specialist or Project Manager will contact you to schedule your project start date.

Step Five: Installation

Your assigned IRC Preferred Contractor will begin working in your home, which can be broken down to four phases:

  1. Demo / Tearout – Contractor will cover and protect the work area, remove and dispose of existing elements, and clean up resulting debris.
  2. Installation – Contractor will deliver materials and carefully install. Take note of any change orders required.
  3. Cleanup – Contractor will take care of final touches and leave the work area safe and clean.
  4. Final Inspection – IRC Project Manager will walk through and ensure all work is up to code and completed as per your contract.

Step Six: Follow Up Assessment

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We follow up on each project, so we can ensure your needs are met and evaluate the services provided by your IRC Preferred Contractor. A member of our quality control team will request a meeting within a week after your project is completed to:

  • Complete a performance assessment
  • Take photos of the completed project
  • Discuss future projects
  • Request online reviews and referrals

This is your chance to provide positive feedback about your experience and voice any concerns you may have. This helps us as much as it helps you, so we appreciate your honest feedback. Please, don’t be shy!